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  • Avatar Jason Dutter ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    I was stuck 250 miles from home on a Saturday with a very bad wheel bearing leaving me stranded. I called , told my story, and the tow truck was picking me up in a few minutes!
    The tow truck driver took my truck to the shop and put it on
    … More a lift imediately and went to work tearing into the problem. In a very short while I was on the road again.
    I am a mechanic and am very impressed at how well this business has been to me.
    I will advertise to everyone I know about this place.
    Thank you, Jason
  • Avatar bryan barratt ★★★★★ a year ago
    My Mom broke down just outside town on her way back to Alaska, and she got to this shop. They got her car in right away and determined a radiator would have to come from out of town.
    They went out of their way to find her a hotel room,
    … More give her rides, and get her car fixed without taking advantage of her situation. In fact, I don't think she would've got it fixed cheaper in her hometown or a big city. She made it the rest of the way with no issues.
    Super impressed and thankful for the effort they went to to help!
  • Avatar S A ★★★★★ a year ago
    It's awesome to have a used car dealer and repair shop conveniently located here.
    The online site might not be the most up to date on what's in stock - or what the current asking price is, but don't be turned away by that,
    … More it might be that you walk in expecting a higher price than is actually being asked for.
    I wanted something 4WD for the winter and lucky for me, Thompson Bees' provided just what I need for a really fair deal. Like anyone else might do, I spent some time researching all I could about the vehicle advertised online before coming in person to check it out, just to be wary of any common problems with the truck and get a feel for its current market value in other places and I was surprisingly greeted by an asking price right in the middle of what's considered online to be a fair price for the mileage. I'm still happy about that, and I'm loving the vehicle I got.
    Unfortunately I wasn't able to secure documentation for the maintenance records on my new ride, but at least Mike was able to tell me about what they've updated since it came into their shop. I did not know the title condition but also didn't ask. I inspected the vehicle myself just to check for how much rust I'm getting and everything actually looked better than expected, given the age of the vehicle. It seemed well taken care of by its former owners, even without records to reflect what's been done/when it was, so I'll just start my own log of maintenance going forward. No worries.
    You get a good feeling from the staff in this place, and you can tell Mike's a real cool guy who cares about his business and what they're putting out. The 'vibe' here is pleasant and reminds me of shops I've worked in and around in the past, so it's got a nice homely touch to it.
    There may be a "no warranty" clause you sign when dealing here, but I wouldn't be too worried about it, since I don't think this shop would be the type to acquire a real lemon, nor pass one of those off to a potential neighbor.
    I appreciate they threw in a free oil change before I took off the lot as well.
    The plates arrived fast, within a week or so. I'm sure if you asked nicely they'd put 'em on for you if you didn't have the tools on hand yourself.
    Overall the experience had at Thompson Bees was great, and I'll definitely be checking out their inventory again or stopping by for any potential maintenance I can't do in the future.
    The only thing I could wish for is the website inventory to be more up to date, but I know how busy life can get so that's not too bad anyways because it all worked out better than anticipated in the end.
  • Avatar Davin Kosonen ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    These guys are the best. I was on vacation 5 hours from home when my truck broke down. The mechanic quickly diagnosed the problem (dead alternator) and was able to get the part the next day! My truck is a Honda too, very impressed with … More their expertise with American and import vehicles. Bottom line...I had my truck back in less than 24 hours, and it's running like new. I would highly recommend this shop for anybody needing a repair in Oroville, or the surrounding areas! Fast, friendly, honest, and professional! Thanks!
  • Avatar mary ★★★★★ a year ago
    Brian and Wess are incredible mechanics. Thanks so much for taking care of us . Thompson's should be everyone's first choice for reliable, trustworthy and reasonably priced auto repairs. Thanks to Heidi as well for your kindness. … More

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