Thompson Bees
Serving North Okanogan County Since 1972

Brian and Sandi Thompson of Oroville, WA started their business in 1972 providing pollination bees for North Okanagon growers until the early 90’s. Yes, that is where the name “Thompson Bees” originated. In the early 80’s they started selling cars to migrant workers and shortly thereafter to the North Okanogan community, and continues to sell cars to this day. Of course cars require service and repair…

So, they proceeded to open a garage at their home on Highway 7 to service the vehicles in the valley. Business grew steadily by jerks, and in 1992 they moved to their current location on Highway 97 where Thompson Bees continues to serve the community fixing anything and everything, towing vehicles, selling tires and providing a number of other services in the North Okanogan Valley.

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